During my whole life library has been my second home, while in a foreign country, especially in Venice, the       first one.The fact that the first public library in the city is named after me, makes me very happy. I have always       considered book as a shrine, while library as a unique sanctuary. I will do my best in order to be felt the breath of       Armenian literature in your library.I wish your library a long and good way. Let it be as eternal, as the book.


A donation of literature to the readersmore >>>

A meeting with academician, RA Merited Figure of Science Henrik Hovhannisyanmore >>>

A meeting with poet Nerses Kharatyanmore >>>

A virtual meeting with sister libraries in Saint Petersburg and Moscowmore >>>

A meeting with Ararat Ghukasyanmore >>>

“The vision of the development of libraries”more >>>


The presentation of Ler Kamsar’s book entitled “A Prison Diary” translated into Russian by Mher Yenokyanmore >>>

Within the framework of the XVII Francophonie Summit...more >>>

The guest of the library were publicist Hovsep Nalbandyan and writer Ashot Aghababyanmore >>>

A meeting with academician, honored worker of science Henrik Hovhannisyanmore >>>

The Librarian's Daymore >>>

The Librarian's Daymore >>>

The Librarian's Daymore >>>

A meeting with poet Nerses Kharatyanmore >>>

A meeting with President of Ararat Armenian Association Ararat Ghukasyanmore >>>

The guests of the the library were the students of the Guitar Department of Yerevan State Conservatory named after Komitasmore >>>

2nd stage of “Erebuni-Yerevan 2800” game-competitionmore >>>

The first round of the game-competition “Erebuni-Yerevan 2800”more >>>

Yerevan-St. Petersburg sister city cooperationmore >>>

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The game-competition «The best librarian»more >>>

A meeting with prose writer, publicist Alice Hovhannisyanmore >>>

"Karahunj: New Discoveries"more >>>

The guest of the library was Deputy Minister of Culture of RA Vahe Bugumyanmore >>>

The presentation of the book “Nane's Laws”more >>>

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