At the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan took place the presentation of the series "Homeland Devotees", which was more of a memorial event dedicated to our boys who died in the Artsakh war.
A year ago, when the thunder of the forty-four-day war had already subsided after a detailed discussion in the editorial office of the Hayastan periodical, created unique series entitled "Twenty Years old of Homeland Devotees". As originally planned, each issue of the series is dedicated to one devoted patriotic soldier who died in the Artsakh war. In one year were published five books, each with a volume of one hundred pages, with the same external design.
The first book is dedicated to Sevak Khachatryan and the second book is dedicated to Nikolay Osepyan (both of whom died in 2016).
The other three books are dedicated to Hakob Harutyunyan, Vigen Yeghiazaryan and Rafael Khekoyan, who died in forty-four days. The parents of the immortal boys and their family members, their teachers and junior high school students, well-known intellectuals and scientists took part in the presentation of the series.
The event was hosted by actress, reciter Gayane Samvelyan.The director of the City Central Library after Av. Isahakyan, Honored Cultural Worker of the Republic of Armenia Hasmik Karapetyan,the author of the book "Fathers and Sons", the founder of the series,the editor-in-chief of "Hayastan" periodical Tigran Nikoghosyan greeted the participants.Marianna Gorgyan, a laureate of international competitions, the only Armenian woman among the 4,000 participants from 155 countries spoke about the immortal boys simply amazed the audience with her music.The Honorary Consul of Serbia in Armenia, poet Babken Simonyan and prose writer Vahan Saghatelyan also made speeches.Writer, composer, singer Arsen Hambaryan performed the songs "Sorry precious mother"and "Spring is coming in Armenian".The Representatives of Armbusinessbank Grisha Badalyan and Hasmik Hovakimyan were among the guests commemorative event.They handed gifts to the boys' families.

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